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About Us

This is a Barber school designed to aid graduate students to gain meaningful employment within the barbering industry.

This course has come together to plug a gap in the market we noticed emerging in the Barbering industry. I couldn’t understand why so many students were either failing to complete the courses or finishing and still being unable to complete the most basic of barbering techniques. The more research I undertook the more this outcome made sense, as a lot, (most), of the courses are government funded. More ‘bums’ on seats means more government funded money. It is in their best interest to take in as many students as they can squeeze into the classroom and pass them to keep the rotation going.

This course will teach you the basic skills needed to gain meaningful employment, within the barbering field, from an industry perspective.

This course won’t be for everyone. This is a course for those people who have decided that barbering is the industry they want a career in.

The classes are small. Only 4 to 5 students ensuring maximum student learning. The course is minimum 4 months. (An opportunity to stay on for a couple weeks after to polish up is available). Students must be 22 years or older.

There is an opportunity for at least one person to be employed at Modern Mens Barber after completion of the course. Assistance will be given to gain employment if it hasn’t already been established before you start the course by a Barbershop sponsorship or nomination.

This course will not turn you into the worlds’ best barber (any course promising that in such a short time is just after a pay check). What it will give you is a solid foundation to build a career on. It will also help you gain employment at a reputable barbershop where ongoing learning and training can continue while you earn a pay packet and work your way up the barbering industry ladder.

Consideration will be given to those students applying from the Invercargill, Mosgiel and Cromwell areas for potential employment opportunities.

If this sounds like you hit APPLY NOW and tell us "your story" - why you want to be a barber and why you should be accepted to train at the Modern Mens Barber school.

All applicants will receive notification of their registered interest.

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The Training

The School:

The Course:

Course Dates: 10th Feb- 9th April (16 weeks) - Restart 20th April - 26th June(8 weeks)

Next Intake: July 13th (To be confirmed)

Class size: 4 or 5 students per intake

Minimum age: 22 years old

Cirriculum: Clipper cutting, Basic scissor cutting, Cut throat shaving, Customer service, Interview techniques, Facial waxing, Hair skin & scalp conditions

Upskilling block courses available: Cut throat shaving, full face shaving and sculpting beards. One day a week for 6 weeks

Upskilling for professionals: Clipper techniques including fades. Hairlines and blending techniques.

Funding: No government funding available.

Cost: $10,000 plus equipment and course related costs

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Get in touch with us on (03) 214 0417 and ask for Liza or Joleen, or send an email to, or simply use the Contact Form below.