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UPDATE: Due to Covid 19 disruptions we have decided to suspend all our 2020 courses. You can now register your interest for our 2021 courses which will resume from 9th February 2021.

About Us

Modern Men’s Barber school is a realised desire to produce competent talented barbers that will endorse the craft and keep the artisan quality of barbering alive.

Modern Mens Barber school was born after years of frustration in finding (good) staff to work competently in my shops. Even finding recent graduates of barber schools unable to perform the most basic haircuts was like finding a pot of gold under a rainbow. With my senior barber/manager Joleen interested in training and upskilling professionals we decided it was the perfect partnership.

We believe great barbering is about providing the person sitting in your seat a professional and personalised service that suits each and every individual. Whether that’s a guy who spends 20 minutes on his grooming in the morning or 30 seconds. We want to create haircuts that suit their needs and lifestyle.

"The diversity within the barbering industry means that there is always something new or trends returning and the opportunities are limitless."

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What you can Expect

SMALL CLASS SIZES are important to us. Our desire is for you to have a solid grasp of the practical side of barbering and small class sizes allow us to give you more one on one time with your tutor. Unlike other schools, our class sizes will be no larger than six. Although there are many aspects to barbering, having a solid foundation in the practical part eg clippering and cutting is what will make you a more desirable candidate to a barber shop looking for new staff. Essentially, apart from attitude, the skills learnt at the Modern Men’s Barber school is what will set you apart from the rest. We will not pass anyone we wouldn’t be willing to employ.

CURRICULUM THAT FOCUSES ON PRACTICAL and practice and not just theory. We will be focusing on what it takes to be successful. Here you will gain a solid foundation in barbering. Too often barber schools focus on theory as it is a cheaper way to teach. Because our class sizes are small, we will cover only the basic theory needed for employment. The rest of the course focuses on the practical side. We want you to be able to complete basic, polished haircuts giving you the core skills to continue to build on, be creative with, and, in doing so making you a desirable candidate to an employer.


Job placement assistance is provided to graduates and students at no additional charge. We believe in what we teach, so we will offer you assistance to gain employment if it has not already been established before you finish the course through a barbershop sponsorship or nomination. Our staff assists students (who competently complete our course) in placements as often as needed; however, the school does not guarantee placement to any student. This may also mean you need to travel further afield to continue your education to work at a reputable barber shop that continues to help train and fine tune your base skills.

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The Courses

Full-time Barber training

Duration:16-week Course (allow for a 2-week holiday period in addition to 16 weeks)

Class days: Monday - Friday

Start date: 9th February 2021

Class size: 4 or 6 students per intake

Minimum age: 22 years old

Course Cirriculum: Customer service, Shampoo and scalp massage, scalp conditions, face shapes, clipper cuts 0-6, clipper over comb, hairlines blending and fading, scissor cut, scissors over comb, blending techniques, fades 0-3

Course costs:
  - 16 weeks $11,000
  - Alternatively, $6,000 down $120 pw 52 weeks
  - Alternatively, $1,500 down $125 pw 104 weeks
  - Allow extra $1000 for equipment.

Funding: Students at Modern Men’s Barber School are not eligible for government student funding.

Trade Upskill Course - 1 week

This course is for those already cutting hair and working within the industry. It involves fine tuning your clippering skills. You will learn the finer points of zero fades. Edging techniques, general standards of barbering and scissor skills and what men are looking for with their haircuts.

Course dates: 31st January 2021 to 4th February 2021

Course costs: $1000 plus gst

At the end of this course you will be strengthening and fine tuning your clippering skills. Learning the finer points of zero fades. Empowering you with edging techniques, general standards of barbering and scissor skills and what men are looking for with their haircuts

Cut throat Shaving Course - To be advised

Here you will learn how to successfully and confidently cut throat shave.

Start dates: To be advised (can be a one-week block course, or, a 6-day course divided over 6-week period depending on demand)

Please contact us or express your interest below to get costing for the various courses.

All equipment can be provided for a fee.

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